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  1. DJ Adam

    New To Site

    Hey and welcome to the forum! We have a few lads from the Essex and Kent areas You've came to the right place for advice, you'll probably get constructive critisms but it's all free advice.
  2. DJ Adam

    A1 Entertainments

    Hello matey and welcome to the forum!!
  3. DJ Adam

    Hi To All

    Hey Dave and welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. Many will say its an extremely beneficial and advantageous place to be a member off and we hope you'll feel the same!
  4. DJ Adam

    Hello all

    Hey Neil and welcome to the forum! Seda show nights are always a good night so make sure you get yourself to one of them!
  5. DJ Adam

    Hello from me!

    Hey Owen and welcome to the forums, It's quite a special place here but you should get a lot from it
  6. DJ Adam

    Rules and regs?

    If you are ripping cd to a digital format and using the digital format for your gigs then yes you need something called a produb lisence if you are buying the cd or vinyl and using them only then no. Hope this helps and welcome!
  7. DJ Adam

    PAT Testing

    When i get my stuff tested, I'm issued the pass stickers a record with the details saying pass and a certificate, all business's work different I assume some believe it makes the client feel more satisfied that their equipment passed. Who Knows..
  8. DJ Adam

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forums matey!
  9. DJ Adam


    Hey there! Well, I?m not a video jockey, I?ve had some experience in Karaoke?s but my main knowledge in this subject comes from prior Djing and that?s being a bit of a computer nerd.. Firstly you need to weigh up the pros and con?s from both sources, for example a projector can plug straight into your VGA output on a laptop and broadcast the images to your audience however projector?s do not show great detail and furthermore you can get the annoying person shadow or even worse HAND PUPPETS!!! Also you have to purchase new bulbs for the projector which can be quite pricey depending on your model. So the advantages of a projector: Quick and easy set up and you can display a very large viewing window, disadvantages include lack of quality, shadow and hand puppets, replacement bulbs and you need a good blank surface to project on which isn?t always available. Now LCD, well if you?re going to purchase some LCD?s make your life easy and make sure the TV?s have PC Input (VGA) this will help you GREATLY as you do not need to buy a VGA-Constant Video converter, all you need to buy is a splitter which split?s the VGA signal up to 8 times allowing you to show your content on up to 8 TV?s. Advantages include far clearer quality, looks far more professional but the negative is the price of the TV?s, transportation and set-up time (I assume) The splitter can be found here:Maplin VGA Splitter Now the ?software? that you mention? you do not need ANY software to set up external monitors or projectors to a laptop or PC with VGA output. If your machine is relatively new all you have to do is plug the VGA input to your laptop or pc and you will be prompted that you have attached an external monitor and you?ll be asked what do you want to do? If you use your laptop to DJ all you need to select is Extend my desktop right and press apply. Then you are ready to broadcast all you need to do when you see your desktop on the external monitors is click the top of the window and drag it to your right literally of the screen and it will appear on the left side of your other monitors. I hope this helped. Adam