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  1. How much you want for the tea session controller mate. And will it control showtec par 64

  2. Hello are in a hurry to sell the epic system I am intrested but would take me a couple of weeks to pull cash together would you take 450 for it

  3. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Its been a while

    THanks Nick and WPaulVandyk, I have to say it is good to be back and has been good to spend some time back on the forums again in between working (or the other way around - not sure )
  4. Working from home for the next 3 days - sat in the sunshine :)

  5. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Its been a while

    Well, thoroughly enjoyed my first day back on the forums again. I hadnt realised how out of touch I was with both the industry and the people after only eight or nine months. This forum has changed quite a bit since I actively used it last and it was always good, but now it is absolutely superb. Looking forward to spending a lot more time on here in the future.
  6. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Its been a while

    Thanks - it is nice to be back here again. Paul (Supersound) - You have just reminded me - I still have something that belongs to you... Will PM you. Cheers Simon
  7. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Its been a while

    Thanks all... Colin - please do let me know next time you are having a get-together. I feel so out of touch with everyone at the moment, so would be good to catch up face to face again. I was tempted to ring you last week actually as was up your way on Thursday night visitng Mike at Phase One... Passed a few referals your way as well, so I hope you got them. Anyway, thanks again. Simon
  8. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Its been a while

    I know this is the second time I have posted in here in the last year, but just thought I would say hello again as I have been so inactive for a long time... I am just beginning to gently nudge myself back into the disco life again. I have been pretty much out of the disco scene for quite a while now due to other work commitments and losing my DJing mojo for the last six months or so due to some woeful nights that I had mid in 2009. I have however, still been doing a few discos for existing clients and friends and family, but have just not been taking any new bookings. Anyway, after a few months rest and a thankfully decreasing "dayjob" workload I am going to start slowly moving back into the discos again. I am really looking forward to it once more, and have found that spark again in the few discos that I have done over the last six months. I am also currently in the process of refreshing my whole rig for something a lot smaller and lighter, so am currently spending my time nervously waiting for my existing gear to sell and getting my new rig sorted. Hopefully, new gear, fresh start will add to my excitement of getting back into things again. I have also missed whiling away the hours looking at the chit-chat and banter on the forums. Anyway, looking forward to catching up with things again and hopefully getting more time to get involved. Simon
  9. Simon Martin-Lemmon

    Good Morning

    Hi, I'm Simon, 41, from Malton in North Yorkshire. There are quite a few people I know on here, but for those who dont know me... I am a Cheesy DJ by night and software engineer of 20 years by day. I have been DJing part time only now for a few years and class myself as a mid-range party DJ. I dont do many high class weddings and similar events but more of the average cheesy parties. I also tend to use mostly mid-range gear, although being a bit of a gadget freek, I have tried out lots and lots of different things. Current Rig consists of:- American Audio Mixer and CD Players OTSAV Thomann TA2400 and Ecler amplifiers 2KW Dragon spirit PA (82, 15" Cabs and 15" subs) Another Active PA Rig for the smaller events Martin EFX500, Cluster Laser, Acme Falcon HIds and my good old faithful pair of MAD Spins which have been with me pretty much since I started/ I do my DJing purely out of pleasure and not as a commercial venture as I pretty much plough everything I make out of it back into it again. I am still a lover of the good old CD, and am often seen turning up to a venue with 8 cases of CDs ,much to the amusement of any teenagers who arent quite sure what they are I have however, been using PCDJ FX for the latest chart singles for the last couple of years until my laptop was recently commandeered by my daughter forcing me to invest in a new laptop running Vista and therefore requiring a move to OTSAV - which I love (or I will do when I work out how to use it properly)... Anyway, I am now experimenting with a bit of VJing to see how well it works up here in the wild and windy North Yorkshire Moors. Anyway, I look forward to catching up with you all and reading your posts. Simon