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    Looking for the perfect beat, still not found it though :)
  1. Sheffbag

    Hi from Sheffield..

    sounds good to me but new year prob best. im full until then
  2. Sheffbag

    Hi from Sheffield..

    Hi Gary, good to see you finally on here.
  3. Go buy Mastermix's new release Grandmaster Rewind :) its reeet good

  4. Sheffbag

    Please Accept my Honesty....

  5. Sheffbag

    Hello Everyone

  6. BIG TUNE!!!!!!!! Bella Emberg vs the Weather Girls :)

  7. And now you're suddenly like a stranger.........

  8. Sheffbag

    New Boy

    Welcome sir from sunny sunny rotherham
  9. Sheffbag

    Hi DJ's

    Welcome sir, you may find if you are doing weddings to spread your wings musically, failing that i woudl go with Beatport as a good site, when you get residencies or regular work tyry getting on mailing lists for labels or musicpower
  10. Sheffbag

    Hi guys

    Eyup Dave, so who are you and where you from?
  11. Eyup all from sunny Rotherham

  12. Sheffbag


    Eyup lad!!!!
  13. Sheffbag

    Eyup from Rotherham

    Hi Tricky Resident at Onyx on a Friday and Studio on a Saturday in Rotherham. Was leadmill resident earlier in year on Thursday. If i mobile its mainly to cover for friends like Tony Styles or Simon Rackham
  14. Sheffbag

    Eyup from Rotherham

    Hi all - thanks for the welcomes!!!!
  15. Sheffbag

    Eyup from Rotherham

    ah got you, many thanks