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    Music - eclectic tastes; Movies - sci-fi preference, 2 young sons - wonderful when they're asleep;
  1. Jonny Boy

    Hello there!

    Howdy and welcome! :-)
  2. Jonny Boy

    Evening All!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Jonny Boy

    Hi, Adam Here!

    As do I.... small world eh? Welcome Adam - useful to know you (and Shane) are based near me! I like your set up - are those X-moves on the ends? I'm Jon Paul BTW, as well as a DJ I'm one of the token live artists on this forum. ;-) Look forward to hearing more from you Can't speak for Shane, but I'd have to agree with you Adam: Newport is really struggling...and punters are often shocked to be quoted as high as £150 for "disco only" - although when marketed right there are some very well-paid gigs to be had from the nicer hotels. (I've just done 2 weddings at the Celtic Manor - and it's not too far to travel to Cardiff/Usk/Caerleon/Chepstow/Bristol & beyond where there are better venues & clientelle.)
  4. Jonny Boy

    Hello MDJF

    Welcome - good intro! 'Love x Love' into 'Rock With You'.... NOICE!!!!
  5. Jonny Boy

    Howdy :)

    Hey Charlie Ah ha! I see you found us! Would recognise your mop of hair anywhere mate! Welcome to this forum too... from a fellow "foot in both camps" type. Enjoy! Jon Paul
  6. Jonny Boy - stage name "Jon Paul" has been singing at functions in bands and solo for....half his life now! He brings a high quality professional approach to this and DJing.

    Jon is happy to work alongside other DJs, and is able to travel UK wide (STC). Co-operative gigs sharing a PA allows Jon to lower his price and makes him a tenable add on to your existing packages. ...

  7. Jonny Boy

    Hey Ho! : Let's go :-)

    Hello everyone: thought I'd do a quick intro: been looking at the forum a while and you seem a friendly bunch so I though I'd sign up too! To those who may recognise me from another forum: g'day! I am based in Newport, South Wales, and have been entertaining professionally (ie taking money for it) for about 5-6 years now, but have been doing this for - gasp - half my life now. Before I started my business (Phat Aah's Entertainments) I mainly sang in bands and DJ'd after the sets - for beer money and to meet women. I tended to to be greatly more successful meeting beer. Mainly I am a wedding/events Singer, but also DJ for the (mainly) weddings I do. I tend to mainly do combined live/disco shows, having run down the "disco only" bookings I take... I am also co-ordinator for the fledgling UK Wedding Singers' Network, so feel free to contact me should you want to add singers to your packages for your area. (Only 20-odd members so far, but only going 3 months!) Always working to improve my show and look forward to input and advice from you kind people. For now: so-long! Jon Paul www.phataahs.com