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  1. We're currently trying to upgrade our equipment to use mainly Martin lighting, yes its expensive, but the results speak for themselves, nobody can believe we use Wizards on a mobile basis :)

  2. Tony,

    Thanks for that, ithink the trouble is people don't seem to want to pay the money at the moment, I would agree that indenpendent bookings seem a bit few and far between at the moment. We've gained a good reputation at The Swan, Blue Boar Maldon, Maldon Town Football Club and are pretty well known locally, do a weekly dance night in the Swan, although parties and weddin...

  3. .....definite when I hear from him.

    I'll put you on my list of local contacts. Seems to be getting harder and harder finding local descent disco's!



  4. Hi Gawaine

    We were giving up hope of finding anyone! Have just spoken to the landlord and he said that he hasn't advertised it so might give it a miss this Saturday. He is going to have words with a few people to see if he can get enough support to make it worthwhile.

    He said he's going to give a call back in a couple of hours so I'll let you know for defini...