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  1. Its true about djs culling the size of their light and sound equipment ( whey back when.. i had loads of bars of lighting that was superseded by intelligent lighting) which will have probably been relaced now with better more managable lighting On a different note I have a really great Entertainer friend here in liverpool who had the most incredible at the time sound and light system loads of par 64s (think thats right) and the big coffin peaveys with his own sound and lighting man Within a few years he had trimmed it back to 12 in cabs and 1 off those 3 colour stage lighting units on 1 light stand (the unit was about 2ft square poss a bit smaller with 9 powerfull hallogen lamps in it ) because as he said you get no more cash for spending loads of time setting up and taking down equipment Plus i think todays equipment is so much more advanced than in the olden days(obviously)
  2. I remember going to coalville the 1st time just after the spotty faced djs posting to a mixed bag of meetings with my fellow djs there ( my liverpool accent sort of gave it away that the Cav was in the house) That spotty faced djs post was commented on in the letters section of pro mobile dj magazine with the author of the letter saying that he would like to meet me and put me in my place At the time it was taken so seriously that i didnt have the heart or inclination to put people correct and tell them it was all tongue in cheek I remember showing my wife the post at the time of writing it she just said to me..You just love SH*T stirring Dont You?? i think over the years of my dedication to this forum SHE MAY WELL HAVE BEEN RIGHT Therefore can I now formally appologise to Ian (boss man back then ) for all the earache and headaches he got following the Phenomenal Spottyfaced Djs post
  3. AH YES THE GOOD OLD DAYS I still remember the very 1st coalville meet peecee was responsible for the electrics along with tech it was a good meet i think i had the shermann tops then... they was awsome plenty of booze drank that night as we all stayed over and of course there was the meet we had in Dions pub THE TOPHOUSE food sent out for from the local takeaway we had the food on fancy plates with proper knives and forks i was definatly slow that day being a good liverpool lad i should have got off with some cutlery if it wasnt for some one saying count the knives and forks theres a scouser in the pub thats all for know i will check back periodically to see what your all upto
  4. Was laughing and joking with a few pals of mine recently about the exploits i encounted in my 33yrs as a dj prior to my retirement in 2008 i suppose the best claim to fame was the fact that in all those yrs i never had to advertise once yet still managed to run a very succesful business the 2nd best claim to fame is that i was the author of the globally famous spotty djs post on this forum which rattled so many people and also gave great enjoyment to others who understood my tongue in cheek sense of humour To all those members who i have known for many years a fond hello esp Jeff Wood ,Colin Cooke, 5tatman and anyone else who remembers The Cav
  5. Hi we're you at the statham lodge tonight