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  1. chocolateman

    Well hello there!

    welcome along.....im just up the county from you in sunny exeter
  2. chocolateman

    Hi Folks

    now now chris...your no spring chicken.....
  3. chocolateman

    Hello from Djkit.com

    It was from a local dealer to me southwest sound and light 01626 890806 ill ring you in a bit to order it then cheers melvyn
  4. chocolateman

    Hello from Djkit.com

    any chance you can do a better deal on this Ultimax Trusslite Goalpost Kit <br clear="all"> A complete portable goalpost trussing system featuring Trusslite rigging which is extremely strong and yet packs flat for easy transport.... (more info) <br clear="all"> ?293.99 the cheapest i can find is ?258 upto ?400ish
  5. chocolateman

    Old timer, old Newbie !

    would say ive missed you andy.......but id be lying