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  1. Munsterdjs

    Hi Guys.

  2. Munsterdjs

    new member saying hi please look in

  3. Munsterdjs

    Hi from Holland

    along mate .
  4. Munsterdjs

    Hi, I'm new!!!!!

    might want to register as a retailer however so as not to tread on anyones toes before advertising though ehh ? especially with a tagline such as you have Just a bit of friendly like - everyone is welcome here
  5. Munsterdjs

    Hello MDJF

    welcome along .. nice honest intro .. if you learn as much as i have you will have learnt a lot .. wealth of knowledge here
  6. Munsterdjs


    drink feck .. ahhaa we have women here though .. no offence to joanne but today is so slow here i ended up on here whole morning watching tom & jerry with a sick little boy sleeping beside me .. conversation no matter how trivial was a break from cartoon babble
  7. Munsterdjs


    Ireland -- im doing ok so far this year could be a LOT better though
  8. Munsterdjs


    myself and sweetie are both in the emerald isle ..
  9. Munsterdjs


    x 2 welcome along Be nice to get some female prospective on threads sometimes ..
  10. Munsterdjs

    Good night from the west of Ireland

    Firstly didnt see this line had disappeared when open full editor "Welome along to forum Colin" and just to prove like Martin (Discocops) and Sweetie as they have decent rigs too, not all Irish Rigs are untidy messes heres one of mine .. Very small wedding and no space to setup at all, Thank God for deckstands .. Used one of the split poles each side to mount lights with a truss adapter to mount light .. Bose L1 Model II setup to the right of me and another in a corridor out through door on my left as the chocolate fountain etc was out there when they mingled during afternoon to BGM.
  11. Munsterdjs

    So this is where you all are!

    welcome ruairi ..
  12. Munsterdjs

    hello to everyone

    hi and welcome along
  13. Munsterdjs

    Hello again

    Hi from a newbie Your return was indeed heralded .. Shay Munsterdjs.ie
  14. Munsterdjs


    welcome marco ill zimmer behind you at 36!!
  15. Munsterdjs