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  1. Euan

    Hi there from up North

    Eddie. There are a few Scottish folk on here, most are based around Glasgow/Lanarkshire area. Loads of great information on the forum. Good to have another Scottish member along.
  2. Euan

    Hi - From Scotland

    Frank Sure you'll get loads of useful information from here and it will be a benefit to your business as it has been to mine. A big hello from me in Glasgow, always nice to see more Scottish folk on here.
  3. Euan

    Hello from me in Lnarkshire

    to MDJF!
  4. Euan

    Hi Everyone

    to MDJF Liking the 'Stock Car Racing' as one of your interests
  5. Euan

    Eveniing all

    along mate.
  6. Euan

    new boy!!

    to MDJF
  7. Euan


  8. Euan


    along If you're looking at the Philips screens Jeff recommended I can get hold of then for you at under £600 each. PM me if you're interested.
  9. Euan

    evening all

    Speak to stardustkaraoke about light screens. oh and along mate.
  10. Euan


    along mate.
  11. Euan

    Hi everyone

    along to MDJF. Lots of good banter and people ready to answer questions but loads of great stuff when you 'search' too. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Euan

    Hi Y'all

    along John. Good to see another Scottish bloke on here
  13. Euan

    Hello all - new memeber reporting for action

    to MDJF Dave. In at the deep end never harmed anyone except if they couldn't swim