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    Music! and motorcycles... preferences for both = dark and loud.
  1. Pagan Flame

    Hello. Again...

    I haven't heard of Roland Neal, I'll look him up... I'm basically OK, Colin, thanks for asking!
  2. Pagan Flame

    Hello. Again...

    Hi - my name is Malcolm, and I'm an aspiring Mobile DJ based in Peterborough, looking for black-tie work from Xmas 2015 and beyond, specialising in rock / alternative music and events. ... Oh alright, it's me again! After the Wedding from Hell with OCD Bridezilla in the summer of 2013, I decided to hang up my headphones and go back to live music instead - this I have done, and am currently fronting a Black Sabbath tribute band, who are playing live gigs nationally all over the UK, currently around 20 gigs booked for 2016. Yes, really --> www.sabbotage.co.uk However, I am looking to return to Mobile DJing in between the live gigging, so am looking for any spare Xmas 2015 work plus any black tie / wedding events in 2016 within a 100 mile radius of Peterborough. Experience: 15 years, >100 DJ gigs plus alternative / rock club residencies & national biker events. Active Speakers / Booth / Starcloth / Goalposts / Non-Maplins lights / Digital Playout: Yes. PAT / PLI / PPL: Yes Website: Seriously needs a bit of updating --> www.firedance.biz I've already got NYE booked in (thanks to Gavin at 1Ents), but will be actively looking for more work now. Cheers, from Malcolm (DJ Pagan Flame, Firedance Roadshow)
  3. Pagan Flame

    DJ Pagan Flame / Firedance Roadshow in Peterborough

    So. To Whom do I owe Manuals / Accessories / Flightcases from the 'For Sale / Wanted' section..?
  4. Hi, my name's Malcolm, and I will very shortly be setting up in Yaxley, just outside Peterborough... specialising in rock / alternative music plus burlesque nights, currently DJ / Performer Music Co-ordinator for Heresy 'n Heelz Productions Ltd... ... ... OK *Busted * on the New Members bit; those who know me on here will know of my losing my wife in Sept 2010 and my intention to take a year out in 2012. Hasn't happened, of course! I've met a new partner, got my head straight again and have sold up in Cambridge for a slight move North to Peterborough. Alongside my return to normality, once again the bookings are returning, so my planned sabbatical isn't going to happen this year, at least! Now to pack up all my worldly possessions and translocate them 30 miles across and up... be back soon.
  5. In ten days I'm moving to Yaxley - just outside Peterborough and 2 miles from the A1M / old Norman Cross roundabout... Fengate is OK, it's the other side of Peterborough that can be... variable in terms of quality!
  6. Pagan Flame

    Out of retirement!

    So that'll be a 'No', then won't it...? The DDS / HD Mix may do, however.
  7. Pagan Flame

    Out of retirement!

    The problem as such is that the SDJ-2 has no search facility other than scrolling through all the tracks... which excludes the use of an external HDD with a large number of tracks in practical terms. So, to this end, I have a Numark D2 with the SDJ-2 as backup... and a laptop with OTSDJ... and an old CD Walkman just in case I do need to play a CD (most of my up-to-date stuff is on NOW compilations, to avoid having to re-pay the ProDub licence each year. ... The D2 is searchable and can hook in a USB keyboard, even split the inputs with a USB hub and play CDs through it with an external USB CD drive (I've got a spare one you can have for a tenner if required!)... you can also use the SD cards in a USB adapter or a USB memory stick into one of the USB inputs on the D2 and scroll through / play out in the same fashion as with the SDJ-2.
  8. I do limit my charity work, otherwise I'd never make any money! But this one I have covered now, thanks for all the positive comments. I've had a good chat with Ian and we've got the rough timings worked out for the night.
  9. Replied; I'm holding the date as above, unless anyone else has an objection / better offer to make.
  10. I will bring my rig up to you, set it up, show you how it works, break down and take away at the end --- and either: - Leave you to run it: - be alongside you to help you if needed - DJ to your on-the spot (over the shoulder!) direction. Basically, anything from 0% to 100% input from me as you need / want. I have / playout for CD, iPod, laptop (I have my own with OTSDJ with 14,500 tracks) SD card or USB stick. My fee for this is --- that you will take the hire fee you were budgetting for and donate it to either MacMillan or to your chosen cancer charity - having lost my Mum to cancer, I know the work these people do is invaluable to the families concerned. Please let me know if this is of any use to you - I have worked, and continue to work with Tom (Trundle) who can tell you more --- Trundle, you can come with me if you like, as I'm doing another charity gig on the Saturday for my village scout group! I am DJing some biker events on the 3rd and 4th weekends in May if you wanted to check out the rig beforehand - 15 / 16th is near Buxton in Derbys, the following weekend a charity rally in Leicestershire.