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  1. Mr C

    Hi From Bristol !

    Welcome from a fellow Bristolian..
  2. Mr C


    Good Evening....
  3. Mr C

    Big Hello

    Good morning
  4. Mr C

    Hi Evrey one

    Where are you based?
  5. Mr C

    Hey fellas

    nice little website by the way
  6. Mr C

    New to site

    to the clan...
  7. Mr C

    hi to you all

    from along from another Bristolian... Where abouts in bristol are you based?
  8. Mr C

    New Member and new website

    from another simon covering Bristol and the southwest...
  9. Mr C

    Hi from Bristol

    from a fellow Bristolian.
  10. Mr C

    whazzz up!

    Im off to dublin this weekend for a 21st birthday party and a bit of a session. Shame its so expensive for a pint..
  11. Mr C

    Another one back

    Good Morning....