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    #VirtualDJ video transition V-Blind updated to v1.1 with new render code, grow option and Mac support.


    #VirtualDJ video transition 'corner' updated to v1.1 - tiny tweaks and Mac support!


    #VirtualDJ syphonserver plugin updated to v1.01 to fix a non-working plugin issue for some users.

  4. Shatter transition updated to v1.1 for #VirtualDJ users - added rotation and Mac support!


    #VirtualDJ video transition lumakey updated to v1.0.1 to fix compatibility with "Keep Ratio" options. http://t.co/pr1CoPTC


  6. New #VirtualDJ video transition released - lumakey. Get it here: http://t.co/pr1CoPTC

  7. New beta version of ScrollText for PC now available to #VirtualDJ PC users


    #VirtualDJ video transition "SBDJ Breakthrough" updated - now compatible with keep ratio options, and added Mac support...

  9. Profile Switcher v1.1 for #VirtualDJ now available to download. Device definitions now included in profile, and profile update added. Enjoy!

  10. Have created a webcam plugin for the Mac version of #VirtualDJ. Will be available for download soon once testing is complete!

  11. Testing has begun of a new visualiser for the Mac version of #VirtualDJ

  12. SBDJ


    No, but perhaps give your wording a little consideration - your posts on matters like this always seem to come across (to me personally anyway - I apologise if I am misunderstanding) that way,.
  13. SBDJ


    You're contradicting yourself. Show me in here where you say that this only applies to you and your business, or even where it mentions about not beatmixing every song: I think you know my thoughts on this, and I strongly disagree...regardless of whether you're talking about dance music or not. If beatmixing WAS important, surely all clients would be asking for it & all DJs would be doing it...which couldn't be further from the truth. That says to me that you think beatmixing is unimportant. To everyone. At every gig. It doesn't quantify at all to say to you or to your business - it is a blanket statement. IMHO it says 'In 30 years none of my customers have asked for it and I've never had any complaints so therefore no-one needs to do it'. It doesn't mention that sometimes you do need to be able to mix.
  14. SBDJ


    Another Rob James blanket statement Some clients do actually ask for it, I've seen DJ's sacked for not being able to do it and then of course some people simply don't realise you are doing it. So is it a useful and sometimes important skill to have? Definately. To say it's not important is simply very short sighted. Maybe it's not important to you but it may be important to other DJs doing other gigs with other music styles and other crowds. I certainly wouldn't get by three of the regular nights I'm doing at the moment without mixing. So you shouldn't write it off for everyone just because it doesn't work for your business. That said you can't always beatmix and it's important to have a variety of skills at your disposal to move between tracks.
  15. It's been a useful post for me - I've just realised that I haven't changed my address with CD Pool since I moved in January!! Whoops...