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  1. deltic

    technically a newbie again

    good to see you back Davy
  2. deltic

    hello from sunderland

    hi brian good to see you here welcome to the forum.
  3. deltic

    New to this from Essex...

    hello welcome along
  4. deltic

    Been watching for a while

    hi graham welcome to this forum
  5. deltic

    Just introducing myself

    cheers for the name check shaun welcome along to the forum.
  6. deltic

    Hello from me!

    hi owen welcome to the forum
  7. deltic

    New Member

    welcome to the forum
  8. deltic

    Hello for Cumbria

    hi steve good to see you mate
  9. deltic


    hi welcome along
  10. deltic

    Hi From Rowleys Mobile Entertainment

    hi welcome along
  11. deltic

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    you've found us then steve welcome along the entertainer didn't seem on top form on tuesday,but the crack was still good
  12. deltic

    New to MDJF

    hi welcome along
  13. deltic

    Another DJ?

    hi tony....................guess i've got nowhere to hide now welcome along:D
  14. deltic

    Hello all

    hello to the forum
  15. deltic

    Hello everybody...........

    hi mickey,welcome to the forum enjoy your stay and have fun