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  1. Deckstar Deluxe

    Been watching for a while

    Hammy....Hammy???? Nope doesnt a ring a bell Welcome along.
  2. Deckstar Deluxe

    Hello from France

  3. Deckstar Deluxe

    Hello From Warwickshire

    Hey Dave, nice to see another friendly face here.
  4. Deckstar Deluxe

    Hello People from You're DJ!

    Hello stranger I have no doubt that you'll fit in here
  5. Deckstar Deluxe

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    Now where have I seen you before?
  6. loved Plasa! Had to change my pants after the F1 Demo though!

  7. Deckstar Deluxe

    PAT Testing

    I scan in my docs such as the Pat and send it to new venues that I'm working at to raise the awareness of this in the vain hope they demand it from their entertainment.
  8. is doing the housework while blasting out the lastest Hed Kandi releases, super sweet!

  9. Deckstar Deluxe


    Do your accounts and keep a ticket for everything that you pay for. Tunes, equipment and maintaince, PLI, PAT, Website,Advertising etc.... Doesnt make a difference if your part time or full time.
  10. Deckstar Deluxe

    New to dj forum

    Hi Andy, Welcome to the MDJF
  11. Deckstar Deluxe


    I want to know about this laser that you can add an extra £30 on for! Before I went full time my rates started at £225 however moving to full time like Dan said I had to work out costs so as long as I fill my fri/sat with my new starting rate of £275 I'll be earning enough to pay bills, invest and some to keep for a rainy day.
  12. Deckstar Deluxe

    Greetings from Cheltenham

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. Some of you may know me from the MDD forum under the same username. For those that dont My name is Neil and I run Deckstar Deluxe DJ Services. Been going for just over a year and been djing for over two. Most of the events I do are weddings but I dont target just the wedding market. Im a member of the NADJ too as well as holding a produb license. I use 2 peavey ul15 tops, pv1500 amp, 4ft goalpost, denon dns3500 with x1500 mixer. Lighting fixtures are 2 american mystics, 2 acme micraleds, 2 irock 5b's, prolight cluster laser, kam fscan 40, skytec smoke machine and ledj starcloth.