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  1. Hi,

    Just replying to your dancefloor post.

    We also do 12x12 and 16x16 white starlits, as well as traditional black and white floors. We also do uplighting and other extras.

    Please check out our floor site:




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    Hey Up!

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    15 year old wanting to dj

    Hi, Firstly welcome to the site. You are in the right place to get help this forum has helped me a lot. I started about your age and i'm glad you have a interest in the business. My first word of advice is stay away from maplin..... you pay for what you get. If you save up now and buy some decent kit it will last you. Whereas if you spend money on cheap stuff when you start doing larger events and moving into other areas such as the wedding you will find you will need to get different sometimes better kit. Therefore spending a lot more cash. Best advice I can give you is find a local DJ store and go and see them. Where are you based i'm sure someone can recommend one near you. I have one local and buy pretty much everything from them cause the person who I deal with knows his stuff and always helps me out as much as he can. Hope that helps! Matt
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    Hello from '2 Be Nice'!

    It's alright - i've seen worse. Hide some of those cables - get a nice booth, make one you self - i did.
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    Hello from '2 Be Nice'!

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    Hi, Beatmatching doesn't have to happen after every song. Went to a club the other day one dj beatmatched pretty much every song - went to one after the DJ didn't beat match any at all really. It's a useufuly skill and can sometimes really help you to sell yourself as you do more than just the "average" DJ. I have a good go at it but i'm not too fab at it but i want to keep working on it in the future so i can use it a bit more at 18ths etc. I don't DJ off a laptop but software out now - traktor especially i had a play with the other day really does make it easy to beatmatch and if i were to invest in software i think that would be it. If your doing mobile work now and your clients don't need/want you too just try and do it slowly in your spare time. Keep building up on it! Hope that helps!
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    Midlands DJ!

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    One thing - your website got quite a lot of scrolling.
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    Welcome Charlie. Hope you learn some stuff here.
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