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    Hi Lou, Welcome to the forum! Paul (Tech)
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    Greetings Simon
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    Hi Justin! Enjoy the stay, lots of knowledgeable peeps lurk around these parts
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    Greetings SIr
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    Hello All

    Welcome Mike! I'm a VDJ user myself but almost exclusively use video material these days. In fact by using videos I see the music I play in a slightly different light and actually format my show as a provider of party and general dance-able music. That way it becomes the service I offer and not to be some form of glorified jukebox - which can lead to the obscure request scenario! As advised though I would stay away from media streaming services as they are not reliable and somewhat questionable in terms of legality in the UK for commercial use. Although I do still collect music, these days I concentrate on my preferred genre which is Soul, modern and classic/northern and spend time perfecting that - mainly for my radio shows. Each to their own though, no-one will ever have that ultimate comprehensive collection with them at all times. My suggestion to you as a (re)starter in the industry is to create a unique selling point for yourself/your show. Try not to just compete with all the other regular shows out there otherwise you just become a price to someone and not something of value. I only provide video disco/karaoke now, some people like that and want that (along with my irresistible personality of course!), others might prefer the DJ/show that looks cool and blends into the background and can handle Jazz. Each to their own but make sure you can provide a service and not just music and lights.and sell yourself in that manner. Good luck and keep us updated with your shows and successes!
  6. The Spotty DJs topic was epic. Unfortunately lost in the great forum fire of a few years ago. You would think Google would have trawled and archived some of the content out there on the tinterweb but alas it is not to be found.
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    Hi Frank!! Any questions, just ask
  8. hi paul been trying to get in contact through mails, just wanted to check everything is ok on the deal ??

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    Hi Pardeep and welcome to the forum!
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    Saying hello and also got a few bits for sale

    I think Groovin means the testimonial on your website HERE That looks remarkably like the testimonial on this other disco website HERE So, did you do Chris and Jenn McHenry's wedding or did the other guy? Do you see what we're getting at here Adam?
  11. Tech

    Saying hello and also got a few bits for sale

    Yes Mr WyldAdam, flogging your surplus kit in the appropriate place is only afforded to those who contribute to conversation in general. if you don't want to do that then ebay is your friend - my friend. You'll also find that most of us have already been down the budget kit route, some also have 20 or even 30 years experience at this game including retail and maintenance to boot so trying to get an inflated price for budget kit simply wont work chap. I'll let this topic ride as you're getting the honest answers so take it as an education but we would love to hear more about you, who you are and what you do and aspire to reach. You're saying you want to move into the L1 league which is good to hear. Some shows on here will only pass work to shows that fit criteria such as L1 speakers, S&H (or similar) booths due to their strict requirements on what is sold into venues. You never know you could be carving a future for yourself here... Have a bit of a read and see who we are then give us some insight to the man! Enjoy your stay
  12. Tech

    hello all

    Hi Merrix, Good to have you on board chap, I hope you find this forum useful in a mutual way of course! Regarding the selling of items, the reason we restrict the For Sale sub-forum to those who have gained a certain post count is to discourage people from just joining to sell stuff. We aren't a free alternative to ebay I'm afraid. Enjoy your stay and I'm sure you will have some invaluable knowledge to pass on as we do have a number of younger members who I'm sure would like to hear of your experience. It sounds like you're doing a good job there and it's great to hear of people actively giving their time up to educate newcomers in the best practices within our little industry! I'm sure you've heard of the BPM show and of SEDA and NADJ, all of these organisations operate seminars and the latter two - regular gatherings where I'm sure having someone like yourself perhaps speaking on the subject of what you do to be a worthwhile exercise. Enjoy your stay! Regards Paul.
  13. Hiya Franck. As said, excellent intro and a very warm welcome extended to you Sir. Do enjoy your stay, we are a very welcoming crowd, somewhat dry at times but always helpful in many ways! Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification on forum operation or regulations but the general rules cover most things
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    It's Posh here!

    Hi DK! :waves: