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  1. Steve - FDDJ


    Hi Mike, welcome to MDJF! I agree with the others, it is worth investing in an Ultimax stand because in my experience even a secondhand one is better than the ones I have had from Giraffe, Rhino etc. Then you have the option to upgrade to a Deckstand Booth Pro or an S+H DJ Booth at a later date. Use the forum search facility and you will probably find loads of threads on all the options.
  2. Yay! Thanks Jack!" Stars make me happy because I'm sooooo shallow!!! LOL ;o)

  3. Steve - FDDJ

    A massive HELLO! :)

    Hi Shaun, welcome to MDJF. I'm afraid I had to edit one of your posts as we don't allow any talk about what may or may not have happened on another forum. You can check out our very small but perfectly formed rules here: MDJF Rules
  4. Steve - FDDJ

    A Hello Message From James...

    Welcom to MDJF James, I hope you enjoy your time here.
  5. Steve - FDDJ

    Midlands DJ!

    Post above edited. Final reminder from our minimal forum rules: Future posts bringing up past "woes" will now just be removed and not edited.
  6. Lights! Camera! Action! (Wiggles!)

  7. Bought Apple TV today, so I know what I am doing tonight!

    1. Guest


      watch some porn?

  8. Looking forward to a Roast Dinner tonight, then the diet begins!

    1. Tech


      Mate, discover the art of cooking and the diet is always a day or two away!

  9. Steve - FDDJ

    Hello from France

    Hi Steve, welcome to MDJF, nice to see you here as well.
  10. Steve - FDDJ

    Oldie but newbie

    Hi Roger, welcome to MDJF! I'm sure there are some members in your area that will be able to help you out.
  11. Steve - FDDJ

    Greetings !!

    Hi Glen, welcome to MDJF!
  12. Steve - FDDJ

    Hello all

    Hi Neil, welcome along!
  13. Steve - FDDJ

    Hello from Surrey!

    Hi Mark, welcome to MDJF!
  14. Steve - FDDJ

    hello from notts

    Hi Wanye (or Wayne, not sure if it's typo!), welcome along!