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  1. Steve Skinner

    Hello. Again...

    Do you know Roland Neal of Roland Neal Entertainments? I haven't been in touch with him for a while but he used to have contracts with a number of hotels in Peterborough and around. T: 01780 753773 M: 07802 662314 E: info@rnentertainments.co.uk
  2. Steve Skinner

    Newbie in Cambs

    Cambridgeshire based but work a 100 mile radius from Huntingdon. Where are you?
  3. Steve Skinner

    Club/rave dj converting to weddings/mainstream

    There's usually something new to learn (or be reminded of)however small, with most seminars whatever one's level of experience/expertise. Anyone who has had a previous commercial career where, for example, public speaking is required and has had training for it will, probably, benefit less from a course on that subject. Similarly, someone experienced in sales and marketing should have a good grasp already of what's required. On the other hand, anyone with limited or no experience in either area should find training very useful. I found the Randy Bartlett 1% DVDs to be very good although they did cover a number of common potential mistakes I thought should be obvious.
  4. Steve Skinner

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    That's very interesting. I'm getting more than that for a hotel on the Norfolk coast. Mind you, when I saw what the per head charge is, my fee seemed low!
  5. Hi

    I'm interested in the Pulse cans.

    Where are you based?


    Steve Skinner

  6. Hi

    How much do you want to spend?

    I have a citronic MPCD4, which is in pristine condition and had barely been used, with more features than you can shake a stick at ! Orignal price was over £400 and I'm looking for £149.

    Best regards

    Steve Skinner.

  7. Steve Skinner

    New Boy - LOL

    Hi Simon
  8. Steve Skinner

    a new start

    If it's not a rude question, how old is that?