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  1. it's here...and workng cheers matey. Just what i needed. a few extra mic channels to plug into my existing mixer.



    sorry didn't reply sooner but, couldsn't get it straight away, then i couldn't have time to test, but it's set up and workng as we speak. going back to it soon.

  2. Aaron

    Hello to all!

    Welcome to the forum, Why not introduce yourself... maybe tell us a bit about what you do, where your based and how you started?
  3. Aaron

    Fancy seeing you lot in here!

    Welcome to the forum mate, I'm sure you will find these forums as helpful as I have over the years! We're a friendly bunch, always happy to help!
  4. Aaron


    Hi Andy! Yeah, you'll find 60% of people on this forum have been banned from DJU Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. Aaron

    Hiya All

    Welcome to the forum Colin!
  6. Aaron

    DJ Matt Tolley

    Welcome to the forum buddy, nice to see another Wedding DJ joining the site
  7. Aaron

    Hi There

    Welcome to the forum matey.. I hope you find your stay as helpful as the others have so far!
  8. Aaron

    Hi All!!

    Welcome along Adam, one thing that'll benefit you is filling out your profile fully so people can learn a bit more about you! Also tell us a bit more about yourself, whats your background, have you done anything like this before? Anyway, Welcome!!
  9. Also, a tip for the future... IF you get banned from a forum, the general idea is not to create another one. You can simply E-Mail a member of the admin team or even Ian straight away and I'm sure someone will give you an explanation for your banning, or if it was an accident the chances are they will apologise. If you had been banned/deleted, I can't imagine opening a new account, starting a topic moaning is going to help. Aaron.
  10. A, Have you thought about going back into DJ'ing? If thats an option then you may benefit from buying some of the equipment yourself.. Then you won't just be using it for a one off and you can make your money back on it.. I would happily help you, although I'm in Essex so I doubt that'll be possible, I may have 1 contact who may be of use to you, I'll make a phone-call and get back to you about that! Hope that helps.. Aaron
  11. Aaron

    Hi from me

    Welcome Alex!
  12. Aaron

    K Entertainments

    Welcome to the forum Jim!
  13. Aaron


    Welcome! Had a look at some youtube videos, looks fab!
  14. Aaron

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    Ah finally someone new in my neck of the woods, I'm from Witham,Essex and mainly specialise in 18ths but also do a variety of things such as the occasional wedding, 40ths, 50ths... You name it! I'm sure you'll be a great contact to have within the business!
  15. Aaron

    Hello All

    Ah Welcome along Mr. Swan! Where abouts are you based? "A ring ding ding ding d-ding baa aramba baa baa barooumba......"