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    New Boy

    I remember them coming down to a SEDA Shownight many years ago
  2. apevents

    New Boy

    Still using Denon
  3. apevents

    Re-introducing myself

    I've been on the forum for ages, probably joined in 2003 - pre the "great forum crash" over 10 years ago. Anyway, thought it was time to re-introduce myself as I'm no longer a spotty teenager starting a business Over the last 15 years a few things have changed! I run my company - AP Events - by myself, and get most of my bookings through a local venue where I'm a recommended supplier. My setup consists of: Paladin case booth Denon MCX8000 Behringer EP2500 amp Deltec speakers QTX LED Pat cans Dynarocks or Dynamos Mirrorball (using ADJ Ikon Profile) Lighting is controlled through FreeStyler and I use Serato for music. I got married in 2009 and have three children - aged 8, 5 and 8 months. I have a day job, working part time (4 days a week) as a Senior Press Officer for Highways England. I've recently finished a Diploma in Public Relations and am fascinated by the various tactics we can use to improve our communications - I'd highly recommend to anyone reading the Nudge theory. I also volunteer at my local hospital radio and did, up until the end of last year, also present regularly on the Saturday breakfast show, which was also broadcast on community radio.
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    Hello and I'd echo Groovin, it's quiet at the moment as many of us are busy with the summer wedding season. There's a great wealth of knowledge on here that spans back some years!
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    Hello and Plenty of great advice on here
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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    Hi and Sounds like an exciting change from the norm
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    new member saying hi

    Hello and
  9. apevents

    Erm Hello

    And still causing trouble dragging up old posts to confuse as all
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    Can't beat a bit of 80s music
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    Hello and welcome along There's plenty of advice on here so feel free to search through old topics and post some pics of your rig for advice and tips
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    Hello and Feel free to post pics of your rig and tracklisting from events as it's amazing what good tips you can learn from others.
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    Hi Andy This forum is a brilliant source of information and debate
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    On your business name you need to think about the branding and the image it portrays. Do you want to be a corporate company or a personal company? Do you want to be specific and specify yourself as a pub DJ, wedding DJ...etc? And it's also worth checking if the company name is already registered, both with Companies House as a company and a domain name.
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    Hello, again.

    Hello and
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    Hello All

    Hello and I use VDJ and love it, still using a DAC2 controller and keep saying I'll get something newer (but never get round to it). I prefer to avoid streaming services and prefer to have my own music. If I don't have songs I'm happy to admit defeat and recommend others, which often the guests are happy with. No different to the request show I do on the radio.
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    Introducing Myself

    To make you feel old I was two when you started DJing
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    Erm Hello

    Jeez, why didn't the emoticons disappear during the forum crash
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    A newbie from the South East - I'll have to recommend you join SEDA then
  20. I also remember way back when we all sneered at the thought of a DJ only taking out speakers and one light, of course we all knew correctly that everyone always wants tens of lights in a venue. Few years later and look, most of us have cut back on the number of lights used (and probably also upped our prices).
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    Hello All - been away for a while

    Welcome back, there's certainly quite a few of us that have changed as a result of this forum.
  22. Got to use it all the while I'm under 30, which isn't much longer sadly
  23. Just for reference; being under 30 I don't see myself as being an old timer - that's for the over 40's who are too old for DJing ;-)
  24. Stirring is fun :-) It was amusing how serious some took it, probably why it was such a good topic. Unless you had to moderate it ;-)
  25. If I remember correctly - Cav's rule was no-one under the age of 25 is good enough to be a DJ? I'm well over that age now so don't care