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  1. Hi Jeff,

    Just sent you an email via your site about a 16x16 starlit hire on Monday 5th March. Ive given the client your details. Hope it works out for you. Cheers Andy

  2. Hi mate and welcome.... ps. im interested in buying a van thats a van dealers in Peterborough,, not anywhere near you is it ? j&s van centre Fourth Drove, Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5UR
  3. jeff

    Hi Everyone :)

    hi mate and welcome
  4. jeff

    15 year old wanting to dj

    but thats easier said than done,, most pro's wouldnt want anyone hanging round them,,,I know I wouldnt.
  5. jeff

    15 year old wanting to dj

    no worries,,, just stick around on the forum,,,you'll loads from here,,,
  6. jeff

    15 year old wanting to dj

    hi mate you could always start doing kids parties,, thats what a lot of young djs do to get started. that way you'll learn about mic use etc,, and then from there you'll probably get asked to do family parties etc etc.. remember one thing tho,,,as soon as you started charging,,,you really must have back up equipment,, so two laptops or laptop and cd players etc
  7. jeff


    Hi Mate and welcome you need to get in touch with a mate of mine,, Phil (pee cee on here) he covers the Lakes, but he often saying that hes looking for a decent dj to give some work to.. just google Headline DJ
  8. jeff

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    rubbish its only another night,, you make it sound like its christmas eve/ christmas day,,,which yeah I never work on, i'd always spend that time with the family but ny eve,,,thats different, far better to go out and earn some cash and then spend it on them,, or with them,,
  9. jeff

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    yeah,,, i mean my advice as i said is try and get as much you can,, if a venue is prepared to pay £900 for a DJ then thats fantastic i know if i said to the owner of my res that i wanted 900 quid,, he'd probably have my knee caps broken but respect is to those that do get big bucks.... we all deserve it...
  10. jeff

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    you dont know the owner of my res
  11. jeff

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    the only answer is.....as much as you can ... im kinda stuck at £350 cause its my res..
  12. jeff

    MJ intro

    hi geezer and welcome !
  13. jeff

    Sticking my head above the parapet

    Hi mate and Welcome !
  14. jeff

    New Member - Rob Giddings from Strobe Disco Roadshow

    Hi Rob ! (I bought your Martin SCX800's last year)
  15. jeff

    A1 Entertainments

    Hi mate and welcome,,,