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  1. mmm A bit slow on the enquiries front for a Monday......

  2. Padstone

    Welcome from Horizon Events

    Welcome along Tom - you'll find plenty of help on here to guide you along the right path - some might express it in a strange way........
  3. Padstone

    Please Accept my Honesty....

    Wecome along - Hi De Hi
  4. Padstone

    PAT Testing

    It maybe because anyone can buy PAT stickers off ebay, stick them on their equipment and sign them. Many PAT testing companies issue a 'Certificate' (which may well not be a legal requiremnt) to certify they have checked the equipment in accordance with the regulations/requirements and that they are qualified to do so. Some also issue a more comprehensive schedule of test results running into several pages in a binder etc listing equipment tested covered by the certificate. Many venue will accept the certificate as proof of testing (certs can also be forged) rather than asking for the large schedule of results and comprehensively checking every single item of kit is on the schedule and labelled before a DJ brings it through their doors.
  5. Padstone

    PAT Testing

    Many PAT testing companies issue a certificate certifying that the equipment tested/labelled/scheduled out have been tested and passed indicating when test was carried out, who by, qualifications etc etc. Such a certificate is often asked by venues as proof that your equipment has been tested rather than inspecting the entire schedule of all items tested etc.
  6. I can see the shout box ian but cant shout to it!

  7. Wheres the latest posts panel gone?

  8. Padstone

    Hi guys

    Hello and welcome along - where are you based and what is your favourite type of gig?
  9. Padstone

    South Coast newbie

    Hello cinman welcome to the forum. Talkover feature can be useful when on the mic - I found it would take a fraction of time to cut in after speaking missing start of first word and not raising level quick enough at end. Use the search button in top right corner to look for advice on laptops/mp3's/PCDJ/OTS - the search fascility is your friend as there is loads of info posted on here. Like most things in life there are pros and cons to using laptops some are better than others - I dont think cheap ones are designed to run for long periods of time that we would require as a DJ. There can be problems with windows and DJ software but if the laptop is used just for DJ'ing, is not connected to the internet and not filled with loads of other programs then DJ software can be reliable - but if you get a few windows updates, driver updates, program updates etc conflicts can arise. BUt laptops arent the only method of playing back MP3's there are also hard drive controllers and 'cd' players as well - all of which are easier to carry around than milk crates of vinyl.
  10. Padstone

    I'm the wedding singer.......

    Hi Matt welcome to the forum - plenty of helpful advice on here
  11. Padstone

    Hi glad I have found you !

    Teflon....... nothing sticks eh?
  12. Padstone


    Watcha Womble
  13. :angel: Well done to Pagan Flame for helping out - top man
  14. Padstone

    Hi Everyone

    Bon Jeur
  15. Padstone

    Im New Vulnerable and a VIRGIN !

    Hello come and join in all the discussions - the water is loverly!