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  1. Edd Smith

    where do i start

    hmm, i have speaker stands if that helps mate, will let them go cheap...
  2. Edd Smith

    where do i start

    Andy, i have a deskstand for sale, perfect to put all you stuff on, most of us use one of some sort on here. Message me if you want it, ill do it cheap for you! Edd
  3. Edd Smith

    where do i start

    Andy if your lookign for lights ive got some very ice scanners and some more cheaper stuff for sale, also i have stands! Both for lights and speakers... Need anything? Edd
  4. Edd Smith

    At Last

    wuups too late Hey mate.
  5. Edd Smith

    Ive Rejoined at last

  6. Edd Smith

    Old member returning

  7. Edd Smith

    Hi Guys! I'm the Newbie!

    Hey there Stuart! And also a very warm welcome from all of our Staff here. One of the best intros ive seen so far! with regards to the photography, Niel was correct. Use a stabe surface, preferably a tripod, but a tabel will sufice. Then set your camera to a high ISO speed and a long exposure, Freeze your lights in a position and hey presto! Mind you, dontforget that if you have dancers in this shot it will mess it up, because they will all be big swirls due to the long exposure speed. Also an idea to wet your whistle a quite good photo ive taken before was whrere i left the lights moving whilst i took the photo, it meant gettign movement wwirls frmo the lights, but everythign else was still. Looked quite nice. Hope that helps Edd