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  1. I know... for some reason it stopped exploding a while back. Must sort that!
  2. Soundshop

    Erm Hello

    I'll never forgive Gilbz for calling me 'Dykes Pee Entertainments'
  3. Haven't blown the TS115's up yet...

  4. Soundshop

    15 year old wanting to dj

    Lalalalalalalalala! Fingers in ears!
  5. Soundshop

    15 year old wanting to dj

    Just about sums it up actually. My main rig is not 50% passive, being 802's and a big Harrison amp. Still using the 705's on the bottom end though - they work well and I'll keep with them until they explode.
  6. Soundshop

    15 year old wanting to dj

    I wouldn't advise buying active stuff to start with. A good pair of secondhand bins with passive crossovers in them, two smallish mid/tops and a reasonably good amp will outperform any actives you could get for the same money and sound waaaay better, especially on the bottom end. If youngdj is anything like I was when I first started up (and let's face it, I still AM!) having decent, powerful sound adds massively to the enjoyment of learning to mix etc and makes it a pleasure, rather than something you have to do. Playing through a pair of actives with no bins although workable, doesn't do much for the soul. Have a look around for a pair of 15 or 18" bins, a pair of 12" tops and an amp to drive them OR if you can afford it, two amps and an active crossover. This, coupled with a decent mixer is the heart of your rig and an important place to start.
  7. I love this time of year - means I can play Mariah Carey, Wizzard, Slade... Ahem.

  8. Taking a break from setting up for tonight's K-klass gig... should be fun.

  9. has someone opened a window? Seems fresher in here somehow... lovely!

  10. Soundshop

    New to this from Essex...

    Hi Dave! Grahame from sunny Brid here in case you didn't realise!
  11. FOUND PAT and PLI folder! :-)

  12. Lost me bloody PAT / PLI folder... :-(

  13. Crown Power Amp:0. Grahame:1